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    April 29, 2012


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    Susi Allen

    These sock dogs are cute and original. I'm going to get one of my dog Bunny...soon!


    Yay Sock Dogs!

    A Facebook User

    Congrats Sock Dogs! Here is to another 10,000 fans! We love you guys!

    Allison Bell

    You know how I feel about my Little Sock Tee -you ROCK! May you become rich and famous and I will say 'I knew her when and predicted this...'!!

    Elizabeth Ruffing

    Love your dogs! They all have so much character. Congratulations on all the likes too.

    Angela Lee

    congrats sock dogs!! love ur work. :)

    Rachel Fox

    The Original Sock Dog rocks!! I'll be ordering one for each of my three dogs in the future. :)

    Rachel Fox

    Oh...and I'm proud to be one of the 1000!

    Alisha Shipley

    I would be thrilled to win! Hoping to get one of each of my dogs made soon. These are so cute and original. I have seen these on other people's pages and was finally able to find you through Mr. Wilson's page. Congratulations on 1000 fans!

    Juno France

    I am so very Happy for you reaching 1,000 and beyond!!! Yay!!!!

    Juno France

    I am so very Happy for you reaching 1,000 and beyond!!! Yay!!!!


    Here's my comment to say: I LOVE Original Sock Dogs! And I'm going to put a post on my blog to spread the word about this great contest. Yay for Stacey!

    Ashley King

    Congrats on 1000!!! As admin for Pudge's page I know each and every like can be an absolute thrill and make your day wonderful! You do amazing work and i just LOVE your sockdogs!! Keep it up and we all will keep tellin ppl about you so more of them can go on adventures around the world! :) <3

    Kristin Sigman

    Way to go Sock are the absolute cutest!!!

    Donna Burkett

    Congratulations on reaching 1000 likes! I've seen several of the dogs with their sock dogs and they are so cute!!


    Congratulations on 1000 "likes"! The sock dogs are awesome!

    Stephanie Oster

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these! I think my favs are the striped ones, but I love them all! Congrats on hitting 1K (I was actually your 1,000th like)!


    Can't wait to see the sock dogs of Mr Wilson and da Fattie..oh the adventures they will have

    julielani chang

    Amazing and creative ! All dogs are absolutely cute and wonderful


    Wow, congrats!
    I really love the Sock Dogs! They are so cute and adorable! <3

    Holle Mans

    I have never seen anything cuter than this made out of socks! Congrats on the growth, and thank you for sharing with the "critters"!


    These are so cute! Yay for bullies! I would love to have one that looks like my American Bulldog. :-)

    Tammy Shiraishi

    Aloha from Hawaii and Congratulations on your 1,000+ likeys. I love your Sock Dogs.

    Brittany Florkiewicz

    So cute! :) My mom would love one of these.

    Poochie Freak

    I love your sock dogs. They are adorable :-)


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