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    May 13, 2008


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    Herbert's so cute!!!
    What a generous giveaway:)


    I love Herbert!!! He's the cutest sock puppy I've ever seen :)


    oh i love love love your plushies!!


    Herbert is a great name!! My little sister had a big stuffed dog named Herbert and carried him around everywhere! He rode in the fourth of July floats we made out of a box and 2 pairs of rollerskates. He was everywhere! So you just brought back some good memories!

    Mj Keeton

    i wants that doggie!


    Very cute sock puppy!

    Jennifer Metz

    I've never seen a sock puppy before, how adorable!! I could say I'd love to win Herbert for my kiddos, but I want him for myself! LOL

    Ivey Handcrafted

    I love herbert! Thanks for doing this! xoxo


    He looks so cute! ;d I love him! ;d


    Best blog ever!!
    Herbert is adorable!


    I'd say that is super cool! I also would love to add Herbert to our family. He's very cute -- I love the matching collar and ears.
    This is a very generous offer and a wonderful giveaway. I hope I'm the lucky one. :0)


    is this for real? how cool!


    What a handsome boy he is!!!! Just so cute.

    Jill Lynch

    Me wanna puppy!


    ooh! he's cute! :-) I like Herbert for him, but I think I would've given him a cutesy name... like Paco, hehe.


    oooh! Please enter me - Herbert looks GORGEOUS!


    Herbert is a total dear. How generous of you to do a giveaway!


    You are so wonderful and generous, Stacey, and we all love your sockdogs and are real fans. I ask me what Herbert does think about this story ? Is he happy or a little bit shy ? An adoption is very important for a little doggie. With my best wishes to you, sweet Herbert, and a very good home for a long life with a loving mommie. Love. Sylvie.


    He is just so cute. I would love it if he could travel all the way to Norway ....


    Herbert is very cute and is welcome to come live with us ... so long as he doesn't mind being pushed around in prams, spoon fed cat food and the inevitable date with the washing machine.


    Herbert is adorable, and I love sock animals. He would have lots of fun at my house.

    Jennifer Stewart

    How cute is he!!! Very cute shop, too!

    -10oneworld on etsy
    -Jennifer in real life


    Wow! Isn't he just the cutest thing ever? :)

    La Woodstock

    OMG! I love it!!! ♥


    I'd love a chance to add a little dog to my home. :)

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